Attenuation Model

Attenuation models are a way to specify how the gain of a sound object is affected by its position in space (in the case of spatialized sounds), and its distance from the attached listener.

An attenuation model is configured with the following properties:


uint64 required

A unique identifier for the attenuation model. This will be used later to specify the attenuation model in the sound objects. This value should be different from 0.


string required

A unique name for the attenuation model. This may be used in runtime to access the attenuation instance from the engine.


double required

The maximum distance for the sound object to propagate. When the distance from the attached listener of a sound object to that sound object itself is greater than the max_distance value, the gain is automatically set to zero.


AttenuationShape required

Each attenuation model is represented by a shape instructing the engine on how to affect the sound object’s gain.

The value of the shape property is an object with the following properties:


Zone required

This value stores the definition of the type of shape you want for the attenuation model. The final attenuation behavior will depend on the specified shape. Amplitude made available the following shapes for attenuation models:

  • Box Shape
  • Capsule Shape
  • Cone Shape
  • Sphere Shape


float required

The max_attenuation_factor value defines the maximum amount of attenuation to apply to the sound object. This value is used when the listener is inside the outer zone of the shape but outside its inner zone.


Curve required

This specifies the curve used to change the sound object’s gain. The values over the X-axis of the curve are the distance between the sound object and the listener, and over the Y-axis of the curve is the gain of the sound object. For best results, the curve must fit in the range [0, max_distance] over the X-axis, and in the range [0, 1] over the Y-axis.


An example of a simple attenuation model with a box shape may be:

  "id": 2,
  "name": "room",
  "max_distance": 40,
  "shape": {
    "zone_type": "Box",
    "zone": {
      "inner": {
        "half_width": 15,
        "half_height": 5,
        "half_depth": 5
      "outer": {
        "half_width": 20,
        "half_height": 35,
        "half_depth": 10
    "max_attenuation_factor": 0.125
  "gain_curve": {
    "parts": [
        "start": {
          "x": 0,
          "y": 1
        "end": {
          "x": 40,
          "y": 0
        "fader": "ExponentialSmooth"