Loading Soundbanks

When the engine is fully initialized, you have to load a soundbank to be able to play any sound or interact with your project.

By loading a soundbank, the engine will also load all the associated data (environments, effects, attenuation, etc.).

AmBankID bankId = kAmInvalidObjectId;

if (!amEngine->LoadSoundBank(AM_OS_STRING("init.ambank"), bankId))
  return 1;

At this point, the engine has only preloaded sound objects associated to the soundbank. The process of loading sound files is done manually, in another thread, so the main thread is ensured to not hang during this time.

During this process, only sound files with streaming enabled will be read from the filesystem, other files will be read and stored in memory.

// Load audio files
while (!m_pEngine->TryFinalizeLoadSoundFiles())

Audio data loaded in memory are shared across every sound instances.