Amplitude Audio SDK

A full-featured and cross-platform audio engine designed with the needs of games in mind. With his efficient audio mixer, you have all the controls to play spatialized sounds in 3D environments with custom attenuation models and a lot more.

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Amplitude Audio SDK is open-source and licensed under Apache-2.0

🎮 Built for games

With its entity-based architecture and its optimized API you will be able to easily integrate Amplitude in your game.

📄 Data-driven development

Amplitude uses JSON files for asset authoring. You just have to write them, and let Amplitude do the magic for you.

🐧 Multi-platform support

Amplitude runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS platforms. Support for Android and iOS devices will be available soon.

⚡ Fast processing

Entities management and audio processing are fast. Amplitude extensively uses SIMD optmized operations.

🔌 Plugins architecture

Amplitude is extensible. You can create custom plugins and add new filters, codecs, and more to the engine.

♻️ Easy to use

Amplitude follows most of the concepts in audio programming for games. Even without experience, you can quickly get started.

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